Attic Mirror is about helping to bring together unique ensembles without being limited to current trends.

Imagine an old film; the heroine is exploring the creepy old mansion, and finds herself in a dim attic, lit only by hazy sunlight streaming through a cobwebby window. She shifts a stack of dusty books from a trunk and rummages inside, slowly drawing out a shimmering gown. She holds it up to herself and admires her reflection in the suspiciously convenient full-length stand mirror nearby. This is that mirror.

The Mirror is overseen by one person. I started making clothes for myself after the umpteenth time a wardrobe staple needed replacing only to be unable to find anything similar as it was no longer in fashion. With no relevant formal qualifications or experience, it seemed unlikely that I would be able to find a job in which I could use my newfound talents, so I decided to start out on my own. Coupled with a love of rummaging through jumble for those special finds, I can now occupy a niche where the straightforward second-hand/vintage shop and the custom-made aspect intertwine in a wonderful symbiotic relationship.

Core Values

Dependability: I try to make everything as strong as I can, sewing seams carefully to avoid weak points and securing all threads. I also check over all second-hand clothing to ensure seams are sound and fastenings are robustly attached. I am a firm advocate of slow fashion.

Comfort: I think many otherwise high-quality garments end up being given away because they are uncomfortable or don’t quite fit – I aim to hunt these down and improve or repair them as required. What is the point of looking fantastic if it hurts?

Sustainability: It is important to me that I maintain social responsibility, and as such I will always use recycled materials where possible. I am striving towards a zero-waste target, so I must find a use for every tiny piece. I can see a lot of purses and hair accessories in my future. 😉


During lockdown I joined the South London Arts Lab, which has been brilliant for inspiration during a time when I’ve been lacking in motivation for sewing. I’m still sewing and selling on Ebay, but my Flickr gallery does contain a lot more artwork these days. Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in anything you see there.