? / at the movies

I started this for the ? theme, interpreting this as “what the hell is that?!?!!!” I decided to use papier mache as apparently I hate myself. Laying the tissue paper over the top was much less unpleasant as I could use a glue spreader than getting it all over my hands. I finished the ? and took the still for the ‘at the movies’ meeting, but I need to find some uninterrupted time to attempt a stop motion animation. 🙂



I thought that making a Green Man out of actual leaves might be appropriate, but also on my gathering walk on the heath, I found that the masses of gorse bushes were in full bloom. Gorse is certainly a Beltane plant as it looks quite fire-like.

I love how the old stems here are in a flame shape and blackened – I’m not quite sure if this is the result of an actual fire, but it’s a distinct possibility.
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Not a million miles away from a previous theme, ‘underwater’, but this time I decided to try to show bioluminescence. I couldn’t decide which colour of light I liked best, so I’ve included three.

Before adding holes for light


For alchemy I decided to make The Elixir of Life. Having searched the internet for recipes, I settled on two modern ‘wellness’ type ones and one that had been extrapolated by archaeologists from an 1800s bottle that claimed to be an Elixir of Long Life.

These are the two modern ones, I haven’t photographed the third as it took longer to make and didn’t look much different to the orange one below. Incidentally, these were both rather unpleasant, so I combined them both and made them into a Curry of Life instead, which was much more palatable and may have cured my husband of a cold. 🙂 Turns out it ironically doesn’t have much of a shelf life, so we didn’t get to finish it.



For fragile I found some fragile things in the garden (skeletonised sycamore seed, top of dead plant – may be coriander? – and artichoke seed fluff) and attempted to render them in silver-plated jewellery wire (plus two beads).