Measuring info

A bit of advice on how measurements should be taken. Some may be easier with help from another person. Measurements should be taken whilst in underwear only, for accuracy.


Bust/chest: measure around the fullest part, ensuring you keep level around the back

Waist: measure one inch above navel level.

Hip: measure around the fullest part

Please note: specific measurements for second-hand clothes are for the actual clothes, not the size of body that may wear them.

Other measurements that are useful for custom-made items:


Underbust: this may be needed for a particularly close-fitting top

Base of neck

Shoulder: measure from the base of the neck (at the side) to where the shoulder curve begins

Neck to waist (both front and back): from the base of the neck (in the middle) to the waistline (one inch above navel level as per earlier measurement) – it may help to tie a string around the waistline for this

Mid shoulder to waist (both front and back): this is helpful for sloping shoulders – the front measurement should go over the bust

Mid shoulder to bustline

Back bustline to waist


Upper arm circumference

Arm length: measure on the outside shoulder to wrist with arm bent (e.g. with hand on hip)


Waistline to hipline: to one side of the front

Waistline to wherever you want the garment to end (e.g. knee, ankle) – both front and back

Inside leg: from crotch to ankle

Outside leg: from waistline to ankle