Blue floral V&A museum inspired polycotton



Material: 50% polyester, 50% cotton

One large piece – about 87 x 83 ins
Two small pieces – about 35 x 23 ins

NB the border on the small pieces it is the very edge, whereas on the larger piece is wider and set about 13 ins from the edge (the darker part on the left is outside the border). I’ve grouped these in the same post as the pattern inside the borders is the same.

Fabric Inventory: all available for custom designs!


Eagle-eyed visitors to atticmirror.co.uk will note that things are looking a little different! I’ve had a redesign and my wares are now sold via Ebay rather than Shopify. My other services are of course still available and I now have a contact form for enquiries. I’ve also added a new Fabric Inventory section, where I am posting pictures of some of my finds.

The other important development is that I now have pictures in my gallery of my wedding dress and bridesmaids’ dresses, all made by me. The wedding dress actually started out quite simple, but gradually escalated as I added an overdress, train, trims and ribbons. Then I decided that painting the insides of the sleeves in a way that would co-ordinate with the train would be a good idea. Well, when else was I going to pull out all the stops?!