For fragile I found some fragile things in the garden (skeletonised sycamore seed, top of dead plant – may be coriander? – and artichoke seed fluff) and attempted to render them in silver-plated jewellery wire (plus two beads).



I started off with the idea of making healing items recognisable from various computer games (I was particularly thinking of the herbs and ‘first aid spray’ from Resident Evil), but ended up with more generic fantasy stuff. There are still a couple of nods here, though!

So pleased with my potions!
Spell scrolls


For this week, we had a pub meetup, and I took along some pound shop people shapes to decorate. I decided to use collage for mine, so this is “people are strange”.

I can’t recommend the level of fiddly cutting out for the hat

I also took this photo on the way home.



I was very lucky to find this tank in a charity shop on the day when the theme was graffiti. Only it is quite big and now I have nowhere to put it! It also came with a large quantity of green army men that I will probably artify in due course to go with it.



For this theme I started by thinking about the Big Bang (arguable beginning of everything). Then I thought about what it might have been like before; everything was condensed… maybe like a seed? Then I thought about what seeds on a universe tree might look like, and here they are. Detail below, which shows the sparkle better.