I’ve decided to embark on a bit of a campaign

I was going to write that it started because a friend linked to this article, “The politics of pockets”, but when I thought about it, I’ve been feeling this for a long time. For years now I’ve been wearing trousers day-to-day that are made for men, because of the pockets. In fact, I wear army-style trousers, because I have too many things to keep in just hip pockets! I even find these days I am less likely to dress up for an evening out, because I don’t want to forego the pockets that are inevitably inadequate in going-out clothes. I have a “smart disguise” I wear for posh restaurants. It works on the premise that if your top half is presentable, the scruffy trousers can be overlooked (especially with a long coat). I haven’t been refused entry yet. 😉

You want me to keep my money and electronics in a bag? In insecure coat pockets? Never! Enough, I say.

As the article mentions, the Rational Dress Society was founded in 1891, and although its main purpose was to stand against the health risks of tight corsetry, I would argue that the concept is still relevant today. As such, I have now made my first pair of “rational dress” shorts in a business-style fabric, and I plan to follow with more. I will also be keeping an eye out for matching or contrasting fabrics in order to give pockets to actual trousers and also skirts, as you may feel shorts are not appropriate for all occasions or indeed weathers. (Though one may of course cut a dash with a striking over-knee-length sock.)

If you’re interested, take a look!

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