Hello, it me! Ok, so I’m not back but only because I haven’t been anywhere. It turns out I’m really dreadful at updating, I think because I feel like I need to write an essay which is daunting and then I put it off. Please don’t go and look at when the last time was, it is Not Good. So what I’m going to do is to write some small entries about things I have been doing since then, not necessarily in chronological order.

Today, a dress I made a few months ago for a local lady who was attending a wedding where guests were to wear different dresses made from the same fabric. It was tricky to work with initially as it was both sheer and heavily embroidered, but was ok once I got used to it. This is the first time I have used a fabric with an in-built decorative edge at the hems.Calf-length-sky-blue-floral-embroidered-sheer-empire-line-mid-sleeved-dress

For an encore I put together a matching handbag.Sky-blue-floral-embroidered-sheer-and-satin-dressy-handbag

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