How is it more than 2 months already?!

Here is another thing I have done recently (ish…) This is a one-off creation where I have taken a simple floor-length prom dress with a train and a big bow, and had some fun with it. The backstory is that a friend had cut out the front of the lining, intending to do something interesting with it that hadn’t worked, and then given it to me to deal with. As the main fabric is quite sheer and the lining stretchy, I decided to put in some jersey patchwork in pink, blue and purple, with an irregular hem and a silvery spiderweb in the middle. Since it turned out this didn’t show through the sheer very well, I also added some drawstrings to the seams, allowing the dress to either look fairly ordinary, or gathered up to show some of the uncoventional lining.


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